Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Day 1 - Report

Day 1 was a success!  This is encouraging, since pathetically, the last time I set out to do this, I lasted only a few hours.  I ate two scrambled eggs with cheese for breakfast and I think this was a big key to the day's success - getting some protein in early can make a big difference.  For lunch I had a peach, slice of cheese and some cashews.  For dinner I made sweet and sour chicken, substituting agave nectar for brown sugar.  I served it over a brown/basmati rice combo.  We also had watermelon and green salad, and water to drink.

I went shopping at Costco last night and was shocked at all of the "healthy" foods that contain sugar or "evaporated cane juice" (fancy term for sugar).  I bought some Kirkland Signature Organic Whole Wheat Bread that looks delicious.  I think it will make really good toast.  In fact, I'm sure it will, since I think I've tried the sample in the store several times.  Also, I got some Orowheat Sandwich Thins that will be great for [whole wheat] paninis and sandwiches.  Their website has lots of great recipe ideas - I can't wait to try the Chicken and Apple Panini.  We're not the best about using even one loaf of bread before it expires, so these will have to go in the freezer so I can get my money's worth!

The Vitamix people were there doing a demo and the green smoothie they whipped up was delicious.  It had spinach, pineapple, orange, banana, honey and ice.  That's it.  It was so good, you couldn't even taste the "green" part.  Of course, I bought a 3 pound bag of spinach (we'll see if I can get through it!) and 5 hearts of romaine for salads this week.  I love buying fresh produce, but I hate wasting it.  So hopefully a green smoothie or quick salad can become a go-to meal/snack instead of a bowl of cereal.

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