Monday, July 18, 2011

Week 1 Report

I'm one week in and feeling good!  Yesterday I had to deal with a few unanticipated events and I'm still not sure how to deal when these types of things come up.  We went to my in-laws house for dinner.  My mother-in-law always makes something delicious, and always serves dessert.  I knew I'd have no problem skipping dessert, but first - dinner.  We had delicious pork chops with white rice, [white] rolls, and corn.  There was a yummy mixed fruit salad as well.  I didn't want to just skip half of what was being served, so instead I just got a very small portion of the rice, and only one roll (normally I probably would have had 2-3).  I had two [small] pork chops and loaded up on fruit salad along with some corn on the cob.  I thought I'd just ask for a little more fruit while everyone had dessert (chocolate cake and strawberrry ice cream) when my mother-in-law said, "I heard you're not eating sugar, so I got you some sugar-free ice cream."  So sweet, right?  She got a little single serving ice cream container out of the freezer and plopped it down in front of me.  There were well over a dozen ingredients.  I'm really trying to avoid processed foods and especially artificial sweeteners, but I felt like I kind of had to eat it.  It was so nice of her to get it for me to try and help me in my sugar free quest.  But honestly, I think all the aspartame made me really hungry.

Other than that, I've lost 3 pounds (in a week!) and I'm about 4 pounds away from my pre-pregnancy weight.  I have my goal weight broken down into a few steps - first to get to pre-pregnancy weight, then lose 4 more, and ultimately 10 less than that.  So I'm still 18 pounds away from my ultimate goal, but I'm definitely on the path.  Also, a friend and I have committed to run together 3 times a week for 30 minutes at a time.  It's been great so far!

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