Monday, July 11, 2011

Before I Get Started - Meal Plans/Ideas

I feel like I'm behind before I've even started.  Meaning, I've come to day one and I'm not sure what I'll be eating today.  For me, planning my meals will be key to the possibility of any success in this journey.  Here are some ideas:

Breakfast Ideas
- Fruit smoothie
- Veggie omelet
- Fried egg on whole wheat toast
- Green smoothie
- Steel cut oats
- Breakfast compote
- Quinoa almond berry salad

Lunch Ideas
- Veggie wraps
- Brown rice and beans
- Stir fry and brown rice
- Whole wheat pasta and homemade marinara
- Salad
- Veggie panini
- Sandwich on whole wheat bread

Dinner Ideas
- grilled chicken + veggie
- whole wheat mac and cheese
- beef and broccoli
- grilled kebabs
(most things I normally make for dinner can be adapted.... I think)

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